What is the best donation for cancer research?


My friend’s brother has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time, I would like to donate as a Christmas present to the most honerable cancer research place.




Honestly? I think the best donation you can give is to your friend’s brother. Insurance only covers so much – he will have a lot of financial responsibility to receive chemo and go through surgery. Otherwise, if you are looking to donate to a charity, anything that has to do with children since they are our future would be the most logical and have the largest impact (ie – children with luekemia).

Check out “Make a Wish Foundation.”


In my opinion the best organization is Cancer Research Institute. It is important to find a charity that puts the highest percentage of your donation toward programs instead of administrative costs.

You can find information on organizations to donate to at guidestar.org, give.org, and charitynavigator.org. I hope your friend’s brother gets well…


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is a good organization. Its contributions go to the blood cancers, which assists with other cancers. At least seventy-five percent of donations go directly to research.

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go to donate to cancer research.com

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