What major should I pick for Cancer Research?


What biology major is the best one to pick for going into cancer research in college? Someone at a college fair I went to said biotechnology was a good one, but I don’t know if it should be biotechnology or biochemistry or what. Can someone help me?



Marissa P


I think biochem would probably be a safe starting point. But Idk, I’m in the same position, applying to college soon, god help me.


Hello, I have been in the cancer research field for a number of years. I think the most useful undergraduate major you could choose, short of cancer biology (some universities do offer cancer biology undergrad majors), would be either molecular & cellular biology or possibly biochemistry. Cancer research draws on both of these areas quite heavily. I myself got my degree in biochemistry, with additional coursework in cell biology. I have found both to be incredibly useful. Biochemistry will teach you about the molecular interactions of the proteins within the cancer cells, and your molecular cell courses will teach you more about the DNA and the genetics of cancer. You might consider a major in one and a minor in the other. Best of luck!!!

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